Let’s fix government procurement.
Our toolkit helps governments discover, test, buy, and share modern government technology.
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Introducing RFPs that work for governments, businesses, and residents.

When it comes to buying technology, current government Request for Proposal (RFP) processes are too slow, complex, and prescriptive. As a result, governments can’t purchase modern technology, smaller businesses can’t service the government technology market at scale, and residents have low trust in public services.

We believe government business should be open, competitive, and fair. We believe the process can also be fast and easy to navigate for government staff and vendors.

Fast, easy, compliant government purchasing.

We streamline government purchasing without changing existing rules and regulations. Government staff can spend time and money solving problems, not navigating purchasing processes. Our platform helps governments:

  • Implement problem-based sourcing

    Focus on outcomes to collect a broad range of creative technology solutions.

  • Streamline procurement

    Complete compliant purchasing in 6-8 weeks, not months or years, with TurboTax-like guidance for government staff and vendors.

  • Evaluate and pilot new tools

    Try out and evaluate new technologies. Share the results with peer governments.

  • Share costs, pool risk, and scale successes

    Discover, test, and buy new tools with a network of governments. De-risk innovation and access proven technologies faster.

  • Make the most of existing tools

    Our toolkit integrates with and augments existing e-procurement systems.